Every reader would like to know about the person who gives them information about particular subject. So basically, I would like to introduce myself, because I am starting this blog and I will try my best to make it really interesting and


informative for all of you!

My name is Karolina, I am from small country – Lithuania. Speaking about it, when you are from a small country like this, you never expect that someone will know about it

(most of the time – they don’t, maybe just heard about it somewhere).

I will give you a few best stereotypes about my country, that you could know, where I am REALLY from.

  • Lithuania is part of Russia.   – Believe me, It is NOT. And even Vladimir Putin claims that in our country there are left only 1.4 Million people, it is still around 2.9 Million.
  • Lithuanians only drink vodka. – This makes me laugh all the time… No, we do not drinking ONLY vodka, but if you would like to play a drinking game – lithuanian people will win 🙂

Usually, I do not like to talk about my country. I wanted to go to different country for many years and I am still just 19. But that is not because I do not like my country, It is just difficult to experience something new in the same city, or even in a country. That is what inspired me to make a huge change in my life and just after high-school graduation leave everything behind, buy a plane ticket and start my new life in one of the greatest cities  – London.

I hope that it will be one of my greatest experiences studying Journalism too! And I can’t wait to share all of my thoughts, opinions and views!