How many of us faced discrimination personally?

Many of us are used to hear these words: Racism and discrimination. It does not make us uncomfortable while reading about it, hearing about it… Of course we are aware that this situation is really bad, that these kind of attitudes still happens in 21st century.

But let’s imagine, that you are tolerant human being, who does’t care what colour people are (I really hope that you are one of them) πŸ™‚

But what would you do if you need to translate really offensive message to a man while looking him in the eyes?

Lithuanian human rights organisation came up with experiment trying to answer this question.

How was the experiment made?

They invited people (not professional actors) to participate in a casting for an advert. In advance, they gave no specifics on what the advert would be about. When they had arrived, they were asked them to wait a second in waiting room. They had no clue the waiting room was in fact fake, and there were hidden cameras.

What would YOU do?