I am meeting my classmate Karolina Piekarczyk at a coffee shop in central London. We were talking about how good it feels to live in one of the greatest cities in the world. Nether of us are from England, this gives us more to talk about.
Karolina lives in the United Kingdom for 8 years now. She looked a little bit shocked by saying it out loud. ‘I truly cannot believe it has been that long’.
Karolina recently applied for a UK passport and had to take the life in the UK exam. I wondered why it is so important to her ‘Oh! The passport! That is easy, I love travelling and I hate paying for visas and waiting for approvals. It is just about convenience’
As we all know, England is thinking about leaving the European Union, I wondered what Karolina thinks of that, as an emigrant but at the same time as Britain’s resident. ‘If we are talking about Brexit then I am not really sure what to say about it. I always say it is easier to blame others for your own mistakes. Personally, I disagree with the Prime Minister speech a few weeks ago, blaming foreigners for the bad economical situation. I want to see Britain out of European Union and see who they are going to blame next.’
At the end of the interview, it seemed like she has a strong opinion about living here, so I asked if she is going to stay here a bit longer, or is her plan to come home finally. ‘My Idea is to go back home one day, but I am not sure when. I am going to travel around the globe before I pick the right place and settle down.’
Karolina seemed passionate about many things, that is what makes her perfect for Journalism.