Tabloids and serious newspapers
In the 21st century, where media takes a significant role in people‘s lives, it is necessary to be aware of different types of newspapers. The main difference is that tabloids, for example – The Sun, Daily Mirror, and Daily Star have less serious content than broadsheets – The Times, Financial Times, The Guardian, The Independent.
First of all, tabloids usually use more shocking or provocative headlines, to attract more people. The more intellectual person is, it is more likely that he does not read a tabloid. The reason is that sometimes the information published in the tabloid can be not reliable. On the other way it can be insulting, or humiliate particular person or group.
On the other hand, tabloids can be more useful than broadsheets sometimes. It gives opportunity to people with low incomes to afford a newspaper and be aware of news. It gives a lot of entertainment which is a great part of tabloid for people travelling home after a long day. Moreover, it has a large amount of advertising, which is useful for both – companies and readers.
In conclusion, the tabloids can be useful and insecure. After all, there is one main idea why tabloids are positive – they ‘push boundaries’.

This video summarises the differences between Tabloids and newspapers. It is short tutorial from University of Bedfordshire librarians contrasting broadsheets and tabloids.