Even in the 21st century, many women are afraid to talk about many things. Especially, violence against them. Instead of talking to someone, because of the fear, they choosing to keep quit and live with that.

Is it should be like this? NO.

This topic needs to be published, discussed everywhere, because we still not doing enough. These awful things are happening every day in every corner of the world.

Beata Tiskevic – TV & radio host, actress, columnist & social activist from Lithuania. She created a project, which includes heart breaking  stories of violence being said publicly. Organisation ‘Moterys kalba’ (‘Women speaks’), published video where famous Lithuanian men were asked to open a letter and read a story, before knowing what is it about, straight to the cameras. They filmed their reaction to these awful things.

(Subtitles available)

Moterys Kalba on FB: https://www.facebook.com/MoterysKalba

Producers: Beata Tiskevic, Neringa Rekasiute, Lina Petraviciute, Monika Juodpusiene, Ausrine Skirmante
Director: Beata Tiskevic


‘Moterys Kalba’ (‘Women speaks’) asked women to share their sexual assault stories on Facebook and received 25 submissions, 19 of which described situations where the sexual assault happened in a “domestic environment.”