Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament discussed all the arguments in mobilising event to stop the Trident in Central London, the Friends house on Friday.

The meeting took place in Euston, the Friends house. This year Parliament will decide on whether or not to replace Trident, the UK’s nuclear weapons system.

All the arguments that has been said were strongly against it. It was officially discussed that the rally will take a place on c429fdeb-3a56-4e4c-8-kKOM9.pngSaturday, 27th of February in Marble Arch.









One of the speakers, Richard Norton Taylor, a journalist from The Guardian, was strict about this discussion by saying “NO, NO and NO I say.” “French realized that this is a waste of money that they cannot afford”. After this announcement he added “this money could be used for other improvements in military”.


Amelia Womack, a Deputy Leader of Green Party, has confirmed that the Green Party is going to support people in this rally, they are “absolutely” against Trident. She said, “Weapons like these has no place in Britain.”

“There are absolutely no arguments for Trident” – this was the first sentence from Bruce Kent, the Vice President of Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND).

“Sweden was the first one saying no to nuclear weapons, we are not breaking law, it has been already broken.” He noticed that there are many young people across the room and said he needs to say thank you for them.

Dr. Kate Hudson, a general secretary of CND, believes that “having a Trident makes us a target.” It’s not enough to describe Trident as an ‘insurance policy’. Insurance policies pay out after the worst has happened. They don’t prevent it – so that’s just a sloppy argument.” – as she writes in her article on campaign’s website.

There was a huge screen with pictures of people protesting in the streets against this policy. There were posters which said “Queen Elizabeth. Not king Poseidon.” “Nuclear weapons, no – clear future.” “STOP trident.”

2 winners for the best posters were announced by Peter Kennard. “Creativity is a key element for situations like this” – he said at the end of the meeting.

The overall cost of replacing Britain’s Trident nuclear weapons system would be £167bn, according to latest calculations based on official figures, as it was published by The Independent. Critics argue that this decision would be just a waste of the money, because the weapons probably will be never used.

During the event people were asked to donate money if they can, because this protest requires a lot of money, people were asked to volunteer on the actual day. People all over the Internet are using hashtag #StopTrident to mobilize more people and encourage them to be aware of this situation.