Eurovision 2016, what is going to happen this year?

Here we are again – waiting for upcoming summer and enjoying a pint of beer in front of a TV screen watching the biggest European song contest.

This year it takes place in Stockholm, Sweden.  The first semi-final has already finished on 10th of May. Today we are going to find out the next 10 countries, that we will see in a Grand Final this Saturday.
Every year Eurovision is improving. Last year, Måns Zelmerlöw surprised the audience with a great voice, song and of course the effects the stage. Although, this year it feels like everyone is using similar backgrounds to last year’s winner’s performance.
What is different from Eurovision 2015, this time the ones who uses the most of the effects, can be noticed for their voice or song. It feels like countries that did not had a strong singer, decided to hide it by creating a huge show.
In my opinion, the example of this is a singer who represents Russia. Well, I am not saying he does not have a voice, he does. Although, the song is not that catchy or not that emotional. That is the problem. The song is not that important in this performance, the background is.  Which would be perfect and interesting,  if we would not have been seen that last year. I can see that many people think that Russia will be the winner. Which might be, but it feels that Russia made a similar performance to last year and just hopes to win doing it by what has been done already, isn’t it? 
Secondly, the Eurovision songs contest is a political event. I am sure about it. The first 3 songs can be actually the best ones in the contest, but the rest of it? It is about which country is based next to another, how many immigrants live from that country abroad, which country helped another and etc. You can argue, but that’s the basic truth. Usually, that what voting is about in this contest. We just need to wait for Saturday, that we could discuss it more.
First ten finalists:
  • Azerbaijan
  • Russia
  • The Netherlands
  • Hungary
  • Croatia
  • Austria
  • Armenia
  • Czech Republic
  • Cyprus
  • Malta
The second semi-final will take place today, at 12th of May.