This Saturday, Ukraine won the Eurovision song contest, leaving Australia in a 2nd place and Russia in 3rd.

Before announcing the results, hosts (Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede) gave the audience a surprise by presenting a song –‘Love Love Peace Peace’. Which was about all the things what it takes to win this Eurovision Song Contest.

After results has been announced, my first thought was that after watching performance about cliches like Love and Peace songs, people changed their mind and decided to vote for  song about war instead.

Eurovision 2016 winner Jamala with her song 1944, took victory with 534 points and taking the last hope from Russia to win the contest.

Many people argue that Ukraine’s song was a too political for this contest. The song was about her personal feelings, including one of the terrible decades in world’s history. Of course that affected audience. It would be silly to think otherwise. On the other hand, maybe it is the time to take Eurovision more seriously? It has always been political, but maybe it is better to win with a powerful song than win because you are transsexual?

After the show, China Xinhua News published that the winner of Eurovision 2016 is Jamala from Ukraine. Although, by mistake they posted a picture of last year’s singer from Latvia – Aminata. She shared this on Facebook by saying ‘Ups..’.

Even if Eurovision is only about European countries (Well, almost…)

China… Come on!