The results of British referendum, asking if United Kingdom should leave the EU, has been announced today, in the early morning.

After the result of 48.1% (16,141,241 votes) to Remain and 51.9% (17,410,742 votes) to Leave,it was clear that the referendum was held for a reason.


Just after people were discussing these huge news, David Cameron announced that he will step down as Prime Minister in October, as his REMAIN campaign did not succeed.

So what is happening next?

Honestly? No one knows.

After the LEAVE campaign won, UKIP leader Nigel Farage was giving an interview  to ‘Good Morning Britain’ and said that £350m a week pledge for NHS ‘was a mistake’. Even though it was a massive advert which encouraged people to vote ‘out’. £350m that UK is sending to EU was supposed to be used for NHS in the scenario where Britain leaves EU. Although, after the referendum has already taken place yesterday, Nigel Farage cannot guarantee this decision.

After this, some people already started to regret voting to leave the EU.

This afternoon, published an article People are already regretting voting to leave the EU – here’s what they told us. 

The main reasons why people are regretting their vote:

19 year old Ryan Williams:
‘I feel horrible. I didn’t realise so many people my age thought it was a bad idea. I thought change would be fun, now the pound is dropping I really regret it!

‘I feel sick and wish we remained. I hate myself.’

Another opinion from Daniel Roche:

‘We were lead to believe that most of the money not spent on the EU was going to go on the NHS.’

‘Now people like Farage have claimed that is not the case.’