12 baristas from Costa Coffee competed in UK & Ireland heats in Central London, showing their passion, pride and personality in Barista of the Year (BOY) competition 2016.

5 best baristas from United Kingdom and Ireland have been announced last week in London. Finalists will compete in international competition for the Barista Champion of Champions title.

All of the contestants needed to show their skills in setting the quality of coffee, as well as brilliant knowledge and passion for coffee. Also, contestants represented their “speciality drink”, which is a way to show the judges that you are able to create something spectacular with your knowledge, experience and talent.

Giorgio Vintesei, 19, was announced as a winner of speciality drink and is one of the finalists who will compete in the International finals. “Barista of the Year has always been about promoting great coffee and coffee skills, it was a must for me!” – he said.

A Law student and music scholar at University of Dundee, showed that he is not only brilliant at music or law.

The competition takes place in different stages: Store heats, Area heats, Regional heats, UK & Ireland heats and eventually, international final. Giorgio went through all of these stages straight to the international finals upcoming this January.

“The difficulty in the speciality drink round is trying to make something that you have created in your kitchen with household/store materials into a feasible drink that can be presented on stage to judges in a set time!.”

“Of course I am nervous and I have a lot of work to do but really I am extremely excited about the next stage!. ”

Matyas Svaton, European champion of BOY 2014, said: “BOY completely changed my life. I found the right passion in myself when I was experimenting with drinks. More than that was only the fact, that lot of people started to following me as their role model, because of things I achieved. I met a lot of amazing people during my journey, who inspired me. When I got a job offer from Costa in U.K., I knew that’s the right step and choice in my life. BOY as a competition as it is, helped me to build my confidence in myself, so I’m trying now to inspire more people with same dreams to achieve what they want, because I know how much it’s important for mentality of person”.