Costa Coffee has launched a new TV advert this October seeking to promote their new campaign “Never a dull cup”. It premiered on the 8th of October, during the first live X factor show.

The company invited 170 baristas into the process of making this advert.

As well as launching the biggest campaign this year, the company is also planning new product launches, digital innovation, and investment in-store during 2017.

It was created by 101, independent advertising agency, and directed by Nick Gordon. Comedy actor, Javone Prince, is represented as a coach for Costa Baristas. As he claims in the advert baristas need to focus on “not great, but magnificent coffee”.

Karolina Ganusauskaite, who works as a barista in one of the central London’s busiest coffee shops, said the experience to participate in this campaign was “a different experience comparing from what we actually do behind coffee machine every day”.