I was really impatient of waiting when I could finally see Copenhagen just before Christmas. Although, now as I am writing this post and trying to remember every detail that happened, it gives me regrets that I haven’t stayed longer.

This trip was planned quite unexpectedly, while I and my friend Karolina, who studies Journalism with me (yes, my name is Karolina as well and I am in Journalism course, haha) were thinking that it would be nice to go somewhere, where we could actually feel the Christmas mood. Now I can say – Copenhagen was a perfect choice for it.

We started by meeting at London Victoria station, which is always so busy that is why it is a bit annoying because it took us 10min to find each other, even though we were quite close to each other. After we managed, we bought tickets to London Gatwick, it was the first time I was taking a train to get to the airport and I could say that it is the best way to travel from London to the airport! We just quickly grabbed a coffee and we were ready to go! It took us 30min to get there, by the time I have finished my huge cup of coffee we were there already. Really convenient.

Flight to Copenhagen is quite short as well, always less than 2 hours. Our flight was just a bit after lunch, that is why my friend, Karolina looked at her watch and said: “It is after 12 pm already, brilliant! We can have a prosecco, haha”. By the time we had our drinks and chatted, we were landing to Denmark!

By the time we were in Central Copenhagen it got dark already, which was perfect to visit some Christmas Markets!



We have tried different kinds of mulled wine, which was a perfect balance comparing to the weather outside. We did not have a strict plan to follow during these few days in Copenhagen, the purpose was to experience this perfect Christmas period in one of the most beautiful cities, without expectations and without rushing to see every little tourist attraction.

In the late evening, we stopped by Hard Rock Cafe to try some Danish beer. There was a young girl who was welcoming all of the customers, we started a short conversation, although, after she asked us where we are from, I replied – originally, Lithuania. Although, when my friend said that she is from Poland, the conversation began in Polish, haha. Apparently, the girl, who works there is Polish as well, although, she was speaking very well in Danish (at least that is how it seemed to me). We had a pint of beer while listening to live music, which gave the perfect atmosphere, just before one man started to dance by himself, clearly after too many beers, but it seemed that it was bothering the singer a bit, but he was still trying to smile the best way he can.

The next day we decided to go a bit further – to Nyhavn. 15556437_1382785298400186_737737841_o

More Christmas Markets !!


We have decided to take a boat tour from Nyhavn, to explore some more of the city. Karolina was enjoying this chilly weather, while I was happy to get into the boat, where it is at least a bit warmer, haha.



However, for me, Copenhagen looks better in the evening, when people are out after work enjoying the city. We have found this amazing place – Nyhavn 17. (Nyhavn 17, 1051 København K, Denmark) Which had the best mulled wine and atmosphere! Few tables outside gave the opportunity to enjoy beautiful Nyhavn, while sitting next to the heaters, because it is winter 🙂 15492570_10207639273491004_4221472672807660293_n


The day after, we decided to visit Tivoli Gardens, which is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world. Even though I am not a fan of roller coasters, it is worth to go there anyway. Just by entering this park, Christmas spirit just fills you in. You feel like you are in a different world – where everything is brilliant, everyone is happy and there are no problems.



These few days was a perfect getaway from the routine. Copenhagen gave us the best mood  while waiting for Christmas.