Have you ever imagined of listening to songs where Japanese and English words are mixed and joined irregularly and performed by a Heavy Metal music group?

Neither did I.

However, that is what a group of three young Japanese guys called “Bahboon” are doing.

The group is influenced by lots of films, art, science fiction and fantasy.

They express various feelings of unreality from these influences to their music.

At the same time, “Bahboon” says all of the members of the group are brilliant at cooking: “If we would run a restaurant, we could be loved by lots of people!”.

After trying to plan their tour in London this year, the group faced difficulties finding places to perform, then the idea of “No Booking Go UK Tour” came along:

We asked lots of venues and promoters to arrange our tour in London, while we were still in Japan. However, they didn’t reply,  so we decided to go to London without bookings and negotiate to them in person. That’s the beginning of this tour.” 

After a recording, that they did in 2014 in U.K. and after this tour, the group wants to keep coming back here, as they really like being and performing here: “We will definitely come back to London in 2018!”.

The group is based in Tokyo, Japan at the moment, but they already have plans of moving to U.K. permanently.

So what is the easiest way to explain what kind of music these guys are performing?

Honestly, there is no easy way of finding right words for it, however, Bahboon explains it all as:

“Pink Floyd covered with sugar and oil which you’ll get fat with just one bite.”

I guess no one could’ve described that better.

The group believes that their music, which they classify as Ethnic Stoner Rock, gives people an “Electric shock”.

It’s like an electric signal. So we convert these electric signals into music and send it to the audience. That electric signal changes completely as we send them to different people, which I think is very interesting. For example, I see an object as red, but someone sees it as green.”

As the group defines, they are being influenced by various Science Fiction films, from which they are excluding these connections with their song in particular:

  • Back Hole Swing By – Interstellar, Wall.E (Disney).
  • Gold No. XXX – John Carter(A Princess Of Mars), Planet Of The Apes.
  • Sleeping Sun – Star Gate.
  • World Wide Suicide – Evangelion (Animation), Idenon (Animation).
  • Invader Seventeen – Mars Attack.

As for many artists and groups, it is hard to support themselves financially only from performing. All of the members have other jobs that they are getting income from, as bartenders or as a staff at recording studios.

“We have a professional relationship with music because when we play at the shows or recordings, we play so happily, like kids playing with friends at a park. But then suddenly, when we see each other in a different environment, we see each other like a totally different people. On the other hand, the time we play music together is the happiest time of our lives, so we can also say we are best friends who can shares the amazing experience together.” 


  •  http://www.bahboon.com
  • Facebook: @Bahboon.uk
  • Instagram: bahboon_band0009582470_10