As well as many people in London and in other parts of the world, I was terrified of this terror attack that happened yesterday.

Even though, I am passing Westminster quite often, yesterday I was already at home when this tragedy happened.

However, I could not resist not to go there today, to see what has changed since yesterday’s situation.

Even if Theresa May claimed that: “The streets are as busy as ever. The offices full. The coffee shops and cafes bustling. As I speak millions will be boarding trains and aeroplanes to travel to London, and to see for themselves the greatest city on Earth.” (Published by London Evening Standard) However, if you are in London central or somewhere near Westminster – you can see the difference.

Of course, it is true, that the pace of life in London will not stop because of this incident – people are still going to work and living their lives as usual.

I felt the same way until I actually went to Westminster.

Westminster bridge is now opened, although the main crime place still remains closed and supervised by many Metropolitan Police officers.


Journalists and reporters are basically everywhere – interviewing people and going through all of the facts that are known.

As soon as I started to walk towards Westminster I felt strange and confused looking at people and trying to figure out how they feel about this.

There were still some tourists as usually, taking pictures of Big Ben, pretending that nothing happened, but from what I have seen, there was a really small amount of tourists.

I have noticed some people, who are secretly crying, bringing flowers or just standing and thinking about all of this.

As soon as I have noticed these people, I could not help myself to get rid of many thoughts going through my mind. What happened to our humanity? Why we have people in our society that are willing to hurt other people? Why is this happening in the 21st century?

I have heard a man talking to a policeman and asking how long all of this will take (probably he meant the road closure or this whole investigation), he just shortly replied:”As long as it takes”.

Being there and seeing all these people bringing flowers, secretly crying and clearly thinking about our humanity just broke my heart.


Today’s newspaper’s front covers are dominated by this horrible attack.

Some of them chose pictures of the attacker, that The Sun is describing as “Maniac” on the front page. Other newspapers decided to use pictures of the killed policeman, as people tried to save him.