Matt Hicks could be described in many ways – an artist, a performer, an event organizer, a writer, a comedian, a photographer and even a journalist.

Have you ever met a person being involved in all of these careers rather than choosing one path?

I did not. Until now.

Matt at the moment lives in New Zealand, where he is originally from and where his career started: “Well, it started when I studied radio at the New Zealand’s Broadcasting school in Christchurch, so my aim was always initially to carve out a career in radio. My first job after school was Backbeat FM”.

“After that, Kiwi FM was a step up for me in professionalism then being a nationwide station. It felt like my first major foot in the door”, – he confirms.

However, as this profession could be challenging, Matt admits that he made the most of it: “We used to have beer tasting on air! Actually, when I think about it now, I think beer tastings were my highlight…”.

For a few years until 2014 Matt was running his own website which was called “SouNZgood”. He interviewed prominent artists and musicians from New Zealand. He founded his website in 2009, which was described as New Zealand’s music and entertainment website. However, “I stopped to concentrate on film making”.



Together with interviewing other artists, Matt performs himself while DJ’ing many different events. Although, asked what would his priority be if he needed to choose he laughs:”That’s a hard one! They both satisfy different parts of my being!”.

Although, he admits that it is hard not to feel the satisfaction after playing to crowds and seeing them having fun:” I played to 300 people recently at the Shapeshifter after party and finished covered in sweat and so was the crowd. To know you did that to yourself and were responsible for everyone having a great time is a pretty satisfying feeling”.

Even though Matt was interested in music “ever since I was knee height to a grass hopper at Maungatautari school”, – as he describes. The idea to perform music as a DJ was simply a way of earning better money and still being able to focus on other areas where he was involved, such as film making, writing and running the website.

“At times I’ll be standing behind my decks while I watch people smile and dance and think to myself that this is a brilliant way to make money, why doesn’t everybody do this?”, – he quips.

Matt admits that, personally, he is a fan of old school Hip-Hop music, but he rushes to say:” Everything and anything as you have to play to whatever crowd is in front of you!”.

AF Productions is his second workplace which helps him to support himself financially working as an operator and producer:” We are all film geeks that want to be Spielbergs, but now have to settle for making wedding videos”, – he says ironically.

As being nominated for “Humourist of the year” in 2011 for his column in Nexus Magazine and being awarded as “Columnist of the year” in 2013, he describes his career and lifestyle in these words: “I would rather be poor than get up early”.


“I would rather be poor than get up early”. – Matt Hicks.